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Shoebox Project

Icons for shoebox_project. Looove. LOOOVE. More later when I don't suck.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

1. Image hosted by
2. Image hosted by
3. Image hosted by
4. Image hosted by
5. Image hosted by
6. Image hosted by
7. Image hosted by 8. Image hosted by 9. Image hosted by
10. Image hosted by 11. Image hosted by

If you use these, please credit both shoebox_project and myself or this icon journal (since the icon journal's username takes up substantially less space :X)

Thankee. Bleh.
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Gah, I shall nab number three and blot. These are all just so gorgeous. *adores*
Oh, you're the genius who made those lovely Good Omens icons! Not taking any now, but hey're all so stylish and snappy-looking, fab job. :)
I love, love, LOVE the tomatoes one.
Oh! Oh! I just saw the above comment about GO - *runs to look*
I looked. YOU'RE MY NEW BEST FRIEND. *clings*
LOL. Yay! I can always use more of those for my future zombie army. I mean, uh. Tea parties. Yeah.

Lovely icons! Snagging #9 :)
love these! taking 11, will credit.
10 and 6, thankyouverymuch<3
Number three makes me giggle, and I'm saving it madly. ^_^ These are so pretty!
I LOVE your icon! Newsies was my very first fandom *sniffle*. Those were some good times.
Thanks! I made it myself, on a day where I had much too much time on my hands.
(Ah, the joys of shitty manips... *le sigh*)

The Newsies fandom is like, the epitomy of good times. ^_^
(It's still going strong! Really, it's quite awesome.)
Squee!! You are that perons who made those lovely GO icons AND drew that deadly cute Crowley plushie?! OMG. Can I ... worship you? :D

I really really really want a paid account. Three pics is so not enough. Woe.

Also, am taking # 3. Because dog collars are all the rage nowadays.
Fwuh I love your icon although I have no idea what it is from, if anything.

I need a paid account too =/ Also I found out that the other person in the dog collar picture is a woman, but she has a totally butch nose/chin and everyone THOUGHT it was a guy so let's just keep that to ourselves, shall we? :D
My icon is from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead which is a brilliant play by Tom Stoppard, and I highly recommend reading it, especially if you've read Hamlet. It has funny stuff and meaningful stuff and is all about existentialism (and I use that word without really knowing what it means).

Upon closer inspection, it does look like a woman, but we all know that's really Remus and Sirius in that pic, now don't we?
I totally do not see a woman.

And AHHHH I see. I have so many friends hounding me to read that play that I don't know why I haven't caved yet. Probably because I was more interested in reading Good Omens, which I finally got around to just recently. Thanks for reviving my interest in it... I may have to hit up the library soon, hm.
stealing #3! loving it all!!

Suspended comment

Lol, I *love* the first one. Yay tomatoes! :D

Taking 1, 5, 8, 10 and 11

They're all lovely, but I'm taking #3. Thank you so much!
All of them are fantastic, but 3 is...*guh*. LOL. The bra one is hilarious, too - so those are the ones I'll take. ^^
Stealing 8! I love them all!
Am taking 9, thanks!
Stealing #3 because it is great.